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Take Action

Speak to other employees who cycle to work. Together, ask someone with the power to speak for your organisation to write two letters, one to the Minister for Transport and one to the National Transport Authority, demanding the implementation of the GDA Cycle Network. A director, managing director, partner or CEO will usually be able to do this.

Ask whoever is writing the letters from your organisation to send a copy to cyclingworksDUB@gmail.com so we know you are supporting the initiative.

If you’re apprehensive about talking to your employer, check out our FAQ section. We’ve answers to the most common points and questions raised there.

We have also prepared this presentation to assist you, just maximise it and use your mouse or left/right arrow keys to control it.

We also have a number of template letters to make your job as easy as possible! These are all available on our Downloads page.

Finally, feel free to contact us for any further help you need in approaching your employer or convincing them to support the project.