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The Power of Business

The rollout of the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan is currently stalled due to insufficient political will. That’s why we need your help. If many employers make a demand, they have the capability of removing any remaining hesitation. CyclingWorks Dublin exists to assist business leaders in getting together to request this investment to proceed.


people commute by bike into Dublin City daily.


people cycle within Dublin City every day.

As a business leader, what can I do?

Write two letters. One to the Minister for Transport and one to the National Transport Authority, demanding the immediate implementation of the GDA Cycle Network Plan. We have prepared some templates to help you get started.

Please also send a copy of your letters to cyclingworksDUB@gmail.com so we know that your organisation is supporting the initiative.

Why should my business support cycling?


Save Money.

For employers, catering for drivers is far more expensive than catering for cyclists.



The bike is the most predictable and reliable form of travel in Dublin.


Good for Business.

Cyclists and pedestrians spend more money in local retailers than motorists do. Increasing cycling will support local business and allow them to thrive.


For healthier & happier staff

People who commute by bike are:
● 41% less likely to die prematurely*
● 45% less likely to develop heart disease*
● 46% less likely to develop cancer*
● more likely to be non-smokers
● less likely to develop obesity related diseases
● happier**

* Source: BMJ
** Every Cyclist : )